Racking Inspections and Safety Audits

Sydney Pallet Racking Inspections and Safety Audits

The vital element in ensuring racks and stands are safe is constant inspection and maintenance.  As damage is caused by forklift trucks and other abuse, racks and stands are prone to weakening over time without proper repair.

Racking that has only minor damage can fail under loads - even when within the specified limit.  In high rise storage situations this can lead to potentially disastrous results and is an extreme safety hazard. All users should be familiar with the Australian Standard AS4084 (Steel Storage Racking) to ensure their systems are safe and comply with the law. Column guards and aisle guard rails which prevent vehicles getting too close to the main racking structure should be considered as an additional safety measure where necessary.

Hazards requiring immediate attention:

  • Misalignment of racks
  • Incorrect location of beam connectors
  • The looseness of floor fixings
  • Dislodgement of accessories
  • Spillage of goods
  • Floor spoilage
  • Forklift truck deficiencies
  • Missing beam connector locks
  • Loads exceeding specified limits
  • Prevention is better than cure.

Contact Activ Storage Equipment for a site inspection and safety audit for your pallet racking.

Prevention is better than cure.