Drive-In Racking

Drive-In Racking Sydney - Activ Storage

Activ Storage provides a wide-range of Drive-In Racking systems across Sydney.

Drive-In Racking is an ideal and economical bulk storage system, that provides an efficient replacement to the potentially inefficient ‘block stacking’ of goods.

Drive-in racks maximise storage space using minimum floor space. It is suited to environments where selectivity and stock rotation are not critical factors (but can be done). Pallets are stored in a ‘First In, Last Out’ picking sequence that is stored on steel runners in the depth of the racking. Forklift trucks enter the structure to deposit or retrieve pallets. Drive-in offers the capability to fully utilize the working height of a building and is ideal for storage of same or similar product pallets in individual rows.

Activ Storage Drive-In Racking Systems are 100% Australian Made and Manufactured and come with a full lifetime warranty! Meet your A.S4084-2012 standards with Drive-In Racking from Activ Storage.

We can custom build Drive-In Racking Systems to suit your products and materials individual sizes and weight loads.

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